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  • Posted on January 15, 2013 at 9:46 pm


AICE/AP Language: Grapes of Wrath  by John Steinbeck and Chapters 1-10 (really, all chapters) of How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas Foster;

11th Grade Honors: Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank and Iron Heart: The True Story of How I Came Back from the Dead by Brian Boyle;

11th Standard: Iron Heart: The True Story of How I Came Back from the Dead by Brian Boyle;

Dual Enrollment:  The Bell Jar and Ariel, The Restored Addition both by Sylvia Plath


“Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him.”     ― Charles Dickens, David Copperfield


MONDAY/TUESDAY(5/20) and until the final exam: Reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream, taking notes, highlighting, and answering study guide questions.

THURSDAY/FRIDAY(5/30) ALL CLASSES: Final Test: Sense and Sensibility, Vocabulary 12 and 13, “The Royal House of Thebes”/see above for activities after test  [TEST Make-up is Tuesday, 6/3, after school, NO EXCEPTIONS]

5/22-23- Poetry Terms,  Examples, and Poetry Practice Worksheets were Due!     SEE CALENDAR!!

 ALL STUDENTS NEED TO BE STUDYING FOR FINAL ON A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM!!     Be sure to FINISH reading the play; complete ALL study guide questions; they, along with the colored-in study aid, are due at the BEGINNING of class.  I will walk you through the portion of play we did not read in class to ensure understanding.




  • Posted on December 3, 2012 at 1:19 am

IN CLASS: Reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream  which comprises the Final Exam     DAILY ATTENDANCE IS ESSENTIAL!!

Class assignment for the remainder of the year:  Have A Midsummer Night’s Dream with you in class every day, highlighter, and mechanical pencil.  A second class assignment grade will be a reading participation grade which is earned by following along closely as we read, volunteering to read aloud, being able to answer questions about the text as we read due to closely attending reading, discussion, and explanation of text, and asking questions when you do not understand.  Students who are not attentive during the daily class assignment will receive a “0” participation grade for the day.  (non-attentive behaviors?  neglecting to fill in study guide questions, not highlighting and note taking in text, reading another book or working on assignment for another class, attempting to talk to or to distract your neighbor:(

NIGHTLY HOMEWORK REMAINDER OF THE YEAR:   Read Sense and Sensibility each night in days leading up to final cumulative test on novel; review A Midsummer Night’s Dream class reading each night to prepare for final exam.  [Prepare for remaining tests and complete poetry assignments.]  The last bulletin board bonus vocabulary quiz will be given the same day as the conglomerate test for Sense and Sensibility, Vocabulary Units 12 +13, and “The Royal House of Thebes.”  Only students present the day of test will  have the opportunity to take the bonus quiz.

Review power point notes to aid in your understanding of the time period of Sense and Sensibility. (Don’t forget these notes are due the day of final test on novel!)

[ARE YOU READING A CHAPTER IN SENSE and SENSIBILITY EVERY NIGHT and taking notes AND LOOKING UP UNFAMILIAR VOCABULARY? ATTENDING AFTER SCHOOL READING HELP SESSIONS??    Please do not think you are understanding what you are reading if  you do not know the meanings of the words Jane Austen uses and how she uses them!!!]      Having trouble remembering what you read?  Check out the article in ‘Class Files.”

Upcoming  CONGLOMERATE Test: FINAL CUMULATIVE TEST ON SENSE AND SENSIBILITY , Vocabulary Units 12 and 13 combined/ MYTHOLOGY“The Royal House of Thebes”   – Thursday, 5/29, B-day, Friday, 5/30, A-day    Power Point Notes Due!  Will need to have “Themes in Austen’s Novels” sheet to refer to for question on test:)

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY(5/14)ALL CLASSES: More Poetry Terms and Examples/Reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream, taking notes, highlighting, and answering study guide questions/  “Double-Play” Poem Journal Assignment – Due next class!
THURSDAY/FRIDAY(5/16) ALL CLASSES: Poetry Scansion Notes with examples/Reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream, taking notes, highlighting, and answering study guide questions/Turned in “Double Play” Poem Journal Assignment and Terms to Know/Word Parts of the Week notes

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY (5/8) ALL CLASSES: Warm-up #4 All Warm-ups Due!/Terms to Know: benign, candor/ More Poetry Terms and Examples/Important AMND handouts/  Honors classes began reading play, taking notes, highlighting, and answering study guide questionsFRIDAY/MONDAY(5/12)ALL CLASSES: Warm-up #1 Standard English Conventions/More Poetry Terms and Examples/Reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream, taking notes, highlighting, and answering study guide questions/  “Double-Play” Poem Journal Assignment – Due next class!
MONDAY/TUESDAY (5/6)  AICE GENERAL PAPER EXAM!   ALL CLASSES: Quiz on Assigned Intro. pages to A Midsummer Night’s Dream/Warm-up #3 Standard English Conventions/More Poetry Terms/Examples/ Honors Classes:  Sylvia Plath’s “Mirror”  Analysis Questions   {Make-up for AMND quiz is Friday before/after school}
THURSDAY/FRIDAY(5/2) AICE CLASSES: Final AICE General Paper timed essay [make-up is Monday after school.] HONORS CLASSES: Test on Intro. Material for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, pgs. xiii-xxviii/ Poetry Terms/Examples/ Completed Sense and Sensibility theme analysis/ (A-day AICE essay rewrites due!)
TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY(4/30) BOTH CLASSES: Warm-up #2 Standard English Conventions review/Test Chapters 34-39/ Vol. II Ch. 12-14, Vol. III Ch. 1-3 Sense and Sensibility [Make-up is Wednesday, 5/7, After School]/AICE – AICE General Paper review and prep./ HONORS:  Sense and Sensibility theme analysis writing assignment (8th period AICE essay rewrites due!)  A-DAY AICE classes received graded essays for review.  Those who scored C or below will revise/rewrite and turn in Friday, no later.
 FRIDAY/MONDAY(4/28) BOTH CLASSES: Warm-up #1 Standard English Conventions review/ AICE Classes- Notes on prompt trigger words/all instruction and review for AICE General Paper Exam/ Honors Classes: Poetry Terms/Example/Preparation for writing assignment on themes in Sense and Sensibility/ 8th Period AICE classes received graded essays for review.  Those who scored C or below will revise/rewrite and turn in Wednesday, no later.
THE TIMED WRITING.  This is the only opportunity to make the assignment up before General Paper Exam.  If unable to come, this grade is a “0.”

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY(4/24) BOTH CLASSES: Vocabulary Unit 11 Check and Test (Book check and written analysis of select answer choices) [make-up test with words from 10 and 11 and written analysis of answer choice is Monday, 4/28, after school]/Mythology Test Chapters 5 and 6 (“Cupid and Psyche”, “The Eight Brief Tales of Lovers”) [make-up is Friday, 5/2, after school]/ More Essay Prompt Analysis, Addressing the essay prompt with appropriate support, discussion of trending news, analysis of trend

MONDAY/TUESDAY(4/22) BOTH CLASSES: Warm-up #4 Sentence Structures-parataxis/hypotaxis- all 4 warm-ups DUE/Quiz on Blog Article “Average is Over” [make-up is Friday morning, 6:50 A.M.] Continuing poetry term notes and examples of literary devices/ AICE Classes: Interpreting/Addressing the AICE General Paper prompt/notes on trigger words phrases that signal essay style to address prompt

MONDAY through THURSDAY (4/14-4/18) ALL CLASSES:   FCAT TESTING    (Students absent will make up test per Mr. Carroll’s schedule for make-ups.  Students will be sent to testing area when called next week.)  Monday/Tuesday (4/14-4/15) Blog Article assignment due when arriving to testing location!!

***The AICE dept. needs college-rule notebook paper for the upcoming tests.  Bring in 1 pack of college-rule paper by Wed. 4/23, no later, to receive 5 pts. maximum added to a test grade:)   ****

A Midsummer Night’s Dream has been ordered.  BRING $5.00, MONDAY/TUESDAY (4/21-22) TO PURCHASE

Quote of the Week:

THURSDAY/FRIDAY(4/11) ALL CLASSES: EPAT,  FCAT Reading Orientation/FCAT practice review- poem example (no make-up on this;  students present to complete this will receive extra pts. added to Sense and Sensibility test) TEST-Sense and Sensibility  Chapters 23-33 or Vol. I 23-30 and I-II of Vol. II[Make-up for this test is Tuesday, 4/15, AFTER SCHOOL] Blog Article Reading Assignment, “Average is Over: Why the Skills Required for Great Jobs Are Changing” DUE when you report to K102 Lab for Testing. Follow directions on back page; check description on calendar date to see how to earn some extra pts. on this assignment.

[A reminder about late assignments and assignments completed in class.  Any student who is turning in an assignment late to receive partial credit, must place the assignment in my hands.  Do not under any circumstances slip an assignment in with another stack of papers.  Be warned, if a student does this, he/she will receive no credit at all for the assignment.

Make-up Work Policy Reminders:  Absent the day a homework assignment is due??  Assignment is due the day you return.   Absent the day a class assignment is completed?  The assignment must be completed and turned in the NEXT class period.  Some class assignments, like the ones discussed above, require that you stay after school at a designated time to make up.   NO STUDENT has the excuse that he/she was not aware of any assignment given.  All assignments are posted on this website and in the make-up binder in class.  It is the student’s responsibility to access these sources to see what he/she has missed and request materials.

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY(4/9): ALL CLASSES: Warm-up #3 Standard English Conventions review/ Terms to Know: auspicious, autonomy, benevolent/Mythology Test Chapters 3 and 4 [Make-up is Monday, 4/14 AFTER SCHOOL]/Poetry Terms and Examples continues- See a reliable student to copy notes and examples or come after school to complete.

 THURSDAY(4/3)/MONDAY(4/7): All Classes:  Analytical Reading and Writing assignment addressing E.M. Forester’s essay on “Tolerance.”
Bulletin Board Vocabulary Bonus Quiz will be in class this Thursday and Friday only.

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY(4/2)ALL Classes: Vocabulary Test Unit 10 and Book Check (students who were absent must show me the completed exercises in book and come before/after school to complete the book check exercise by Tuesday, 4/8/) Terms to Know: amicable, ardent, assertive/ Poetry Terms and Examples begun- See a reliable student to copy notes or come after school to complete.    [The make-up for missed vocabulary test will follow unit 11 test and will be comprised of words from both units. This make-up will not be scheduled for several more weeks, but will be posted in class and on calendar when date is known.] 

FRIDAY/MONDAY(3/31)ALL Classes: A-day finished WWI article assignment and turned in.  Assignment is due for honors classes as well./Began Poetry Unit- S.O.A.P.S. Tone analysis practice/VERY important handout explaining the analysis- keep in literature section of notebook will be referencing for assignments during the poetry unit.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY(3/27) ALL Classes:  New Terms to Know: aesthetic, adept, advocate/ World War I Article assignment {Deadline to Make-up, Tuesday, April 1}


MONDAY/TUESDAY(3/25) Both Classes: Socratic Seminar continued/ Test Chapters 16-22 of Sense and Sensibility [Make-up is Friday, 3/28, after school.  NO ALTERNATE dates or times!]AICE Classes: Peer Evaluation of essays using Cambridge commentary and rubrics {absentees who had to write essay during this time, or who were absent for this session must plan to come after school Thursday to complete the peer review of essays, REQUIRED!] Honors Classes: Blog Article and Writing Assignment addressing article on how to remember what we read/ DUE

(spring break)

THURSDAY/FRIDAY(3/14) Both Classes:  Socratic Seminar continued (Students, remember your written observations count as the other half of the Socratic Seminar grade.  Be sure you have completed 5 of these observations once we finish.)  AICE Classes: AICE General Paper Timed-Essay (Students who were absent will be writing this in class, the day you return.  Others will be completing a peer evaluation of essays using the Cambridge commentary.  Absent students will complete evaluations, after school, Wednesday, 3/26) Honors Classes:  Blog Article and Writing Assignment addressing article on how to remember what we read/ DUE Tuesday, 3/25, when you return to class

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY(3/12) Both Classes: Socratic Seminar Session addressing questions about what Austen has presented the reader in Chapters 1-15 of Sense and Sensibility/ AICE Classes: VIP AICE General Paper Packet to Peruse

[Socratic Seminar: Grade is based on the contributions student make to the discussions which proves your careful reading and understanding of character, plot, and themes in the novel.  Students are asked to prove their responses by referencing the text.  Physical copy of the book in class necessary.   No class has the same discussion questions.  Students are to be prepared for ANYTHING out of the 15 chapters!!]

FRIDAY/MONDAY(3/10) Very Important Literature and Writing Handout to keep and reference always, highlighted, discussed/6th and 7th Periods finished webcam article main idea assignment/ AICE Classes– Group Assignment- discussion/analysis questions about issues raised in articles

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY(3/6) Warm-up #2/ More background preparation for upcoming article- Short videos and news article read, using targeted reading strategy to read and comprehend

Students, a reminder:  When an assignment in class involves a book we are reading or have read, remember, only the physical copy of the book is allowed for use; NO electronics.  Those are fine for home use, not for class.
MONDAY/TUESDAY(3/4) Warm-up #1 new set/AICE– in class reading assignment (preparation for upcoming essay) Both Classes: Vocabulary Book Check/Vocabulary Test Unit 9 {Make-up is this Thursday, after school.  This test will count on current 9 weeks!] Honors- CGA #3 Test, yea!! all present, no make-ups:)
THURSDAY/FRIDAY(2/28) Warm-up #4 “chiasmus” all Warm-ups Due!!/Completed Introduction to Mythology chapter reading assignment (classes that did not complete will wrap-up next period)/ Sense and Sensibility Test Chapters 11-15 [Make-up is Wednesday, 3/5, after school]
TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY(2/26) Sense and Sensibility study guide assignment, assigned (bring it and book next class to work on after our test)/Introduction to Classical Mythology chapter reading assignment started [will finish next class]/Mythology Test Chapter 2 [make-up is Wednesday, 3/5, after school- no alternate days or times:( ]
FRIDAY/MONDAY(2/24) Reviewed the last of the 7 deadly sins of writing/Viewed examples of student essay writing (good and bad)explanation of why/Whole group- plan for an FCAT Essay Prompt/Wrote introductory paragraph with thesis and first support paragraph [absentees will need to make up this writing completion grade/  All turned in?  Pair evaluation of sentence with revised sentence?/Writing passage analysis?/AICE– spelling words?
WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY(2/20) Warm-up #3/Completed sentence and writing style analysis assignment working in groups/ “Do you mean…”  Peer analysis of writing activity/  AICE classes– Began FCAT Writing review activities/important writing handouts (SEE ME) /Honors Classes will get these, Monday/ Homework assigned-due Monday
FRIDAY/TUESDAY(2/18) Warm-up #2 (standard English conventions and eliminating the 7 deadly sins of writing/sentence and writing style analysis assignment working in groups, continued/Homework assigned-due Friday
WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY(2/13) Warm-up #1, start of new set/sentence and writing style analysis assignment working in groups/Test Chapters 6-10 Sense and Sensibility [Test Make-up is Tuesday, 2/18, after school (no alternate days or times- make arrangements!)]
THURSDAY/FRIDAY(2/7) AICE and Honors:   Term to Know: ‘metonymy’/ Analysis of an Argument- In-Class assignment   [Must come in after school to complete by Friday, February 14]
MONDAY/TUESDAY(2/11) AICE and Honors:  Warm-up #4  Asyndeton and elimination 2 of the 7 deadly sins of writing-  All 4 warm-ups DUE!/Wrapping up with debate activities/Vocabulary Test Unit 8 {Make-up is Thursday, 2/13, units 7 & 8 combined make-up test.  Know words from both units!}
TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY (2/5) AICE and Honors: Warm-up #3 Standard English Conventions practice/Elements of persuasive argument- Groups prepare support for debate position/Some classes began debate/Test – Chapters 1-5 of Sense and Sensibility [make-up is Tuesday, 2/11, After School-NO alternate times or days.  Make arrangements,  now!!]

FRIDAY/MONDAY(2/3) AICE and Honors: Warm-up #2 Standard English Conventions practice/Literary Term to Know- ‘satire’/Elements of persuasive argument- Groups prepare support for debate position

MONDAY/TUESDAY(1/28) AICE and Honors: Warm-up #1 Standard English Conventions practice/Literary Term to Know- ‘foil’/PowerPoint and Note-taking on Jane Austen and her time [Notes are due day of final test on novel]/Mythology Test Chapter 1 ( Make-up is Friday, 1/31 AFTER SCHOOL)

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY(1/30)AICE and Honors: Completed notes on Austen and her time/important handout on themes in Austen’s novels/Began reading 1st chapter of Sense and Sensibility(charted family tree of characters and line of inheritance [see a friend for these notes that were on board])/Began preparing for group assignment leading to debate [“sharpening persuasive writing skill using debate strategies”]

THURSDAY/FRIDAY(1/24)AICE and Honors:  Reading and rhetorical analysis assignment on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech, ” I Have Seen the Promised Land” [Make-up Deadline is Friday, 1/31, Make arrangements to stay after one afternoon to complete, not a take home assignment:(   /Honors:  Warm-up #4, All Warm-ups Due!

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY(1/22)AICE and Honors:  District Timed Writing #4 {make-up deadline is Wednesday, 1/29}/ Vocabulary Test Unit 7 {make-up will follow test on unit 8 and be comprised of words from both units} ASSIGNMENTS DUE: Vocabulary Review Unit (4,5,6) and Unit 7 exercises, Writing assignment #2 from Unit 7, and “District Timed Writing- A Continuation” assignment/ 8th period also had the “View of American Society” essay due

 WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY(1/16)AICE and Honors:  District Timed Writing- A Continuation assignment explained and assigned (due next class!)/ “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh”  literary analysis rewrite.   Looking ahead: Be reading chapter 1 “The Gods” in Edith Hamilton’s Mythology/ Take copious notes.  Test week after next.  Big Vocabulary assignment due and test next class.  Be ready!


MONDAY/TUESDAY(1/14): AICE and Honors: Semester Exam/ All assignments for A Tale of Two Cities DUE! [Make-up for absentees is Thursday 1/16, after school. ]

THURSDAY/FRIDAY(1/10) AICE and Honors: PSAT Scores distributed/Important information about scores and graduation requirements presented/ Mythology Test on assigned chapters [Make-up is Wednesday, 1/15, after school.]AICE classes (except 8th period) :Warm-up #4- all turned in/ Honors Classes: Leonard Pitts Article assignment

 TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY(1/8) AICE and Honors:  Prepping for rewrite of literary analysis assignment on “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh.”/3rd District Timed-Writing (required essay) [Absentees must make up by Wednesday, 1/15]

WEDNESDAY(12/18) + MONDAY(1/6)AICE and Honors: Warm-up #3 Standard English Conventions/Mythology introduced, reading assignment given (see Calendar)/”Life of Caesar” assignment reviewed if time allowed/Deadline to make up Social Media Essay, after school, 12/18) Honors:  CGA Test (Required/counts as test grade-must make up!)

MONDAY/TUESDAY(12/17)AICE and Honors: Marc Antony Speech Recitations completed/ A-Day-completed preparation for rewrite of argumentation essay (essay due, Wednesday, 12/18)/ B-day– preparing for argumentation essay (6th period’s essay will not be due until, Wednesday 1/8/2014)

THURSDAY/FRIDAY(12/13) AICE and Honors: Marc Antony Speech Recitations (CONTINUED)/2nd, 3rd,4th- began preparation for argumentation essay.  6th, 7th, 8th- Completing Discursive Essay

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY(12/11)AICE and Honors: Marc Antony Speech Recitations/ Discursive Essay, In-Class, Timed.   {Absentees must make this up by Wednesday, 12/18, no later:( }

 FRIDAY/MONDAY(12/9) AICE and Honors: Typed copy of six word memoirs due in class/Preparation for upcoming in-class essay/Vocabulary Test Unit 6 [Make-up is a combined unit test for all students who missed vocabulary tests 5 or 6; study words from both units! Thursday, after school– 2:10-2:40]

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY(12/5) AICE and Honors: Term to Know- climax/Attended Genre Fair/ Finished “The Life of Caesar” Assignment/ Test: A Tale of Two Cities [Make-up will be Thursday, 12/12, after school] Typed copy of Six Word Memoirs were due in class, copy to by 10:00 P.M. tonight!

TUESDAY/TUESDAY(12/3) AICE and Honors: Warm-up #1 Standard English Conventions Review/Term to Know- pathos/Continued working on critical reading and Cornell note taking assignment on  “The Life of Caesar”

FRIDAY/MONDAY(11/25) AICE and Honors: Warm-up #1 Standard English Conventions Review/Completed-In-Class Literary Analysis Writing Assignment on “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh” / Began critical reading and Cornell note taking assignment on  “The Life of Caesar”

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY(11/21) AICE and Honors: Home Learning Assignment- Six Word Memoirs explained, examples reviewed for further understanding/In-Class Literary Analysis Writing Assignment on “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh”  {Students who were absent from class will need to make arrangements to stay after school Friday or Tuesday (11/26) to make up this writing assignment.}

MONDAY/TUESDAY(11/19)AICE and Honors: Warm-up #4 Rhetorical Writing Strategy-anaphora [all warm-ups due]/Read/Discussed/Took Notes on Ray Bradbury short story, “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh.” ** Notes will be turned in attached to literary analysis writing assignment  on story to be completed in class, Wednesday and Thursday.  {Students who are absent from class will need to make arrangements to stay after school Friday or Tuesday to make up this writing assignment.}

THURSDAY/FRIDAY(11/15) AICE and Honors: Warm-up #3 Standard English Conventions Review/Essay Prompt Planning and Writing Practice Assignment

 TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY(11/13)AICE and Honors: Word Part of the Week- “-medi-“/Wrap-up assignment for “Writing About Literature”- essay models that students critically read and evaluate/A Tale of Two Cities Test Book II- AICE -chapters 20-24/Honors -chapters 14-19 [Make-up Test will be Thursday, 11/21, After School]

THURSDAY/FRIDAY(11/8) AICE and Honors: Literary Term to Know- Imagery/Warm-up #2 Standard English Conventions Review/Group Assignment: “Writing Literary Analysis” comparing information in resource handouts and evaluating model essay components/ Exit Slip comprehension quiz {Make-up for students who missed will be Thursday, 11/14 Before School]

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY(11/6) AICE and Honors: Word Part of the Week- “somn-“/More on “Writing Literary Analysis”/Vocabulary Unit 5 Book Check and TEST [make-up will follow the unit 6 test and contain words from both units]

FRIDAY/MONDAY (11/4) AICE and Honors: Warm-up #1 {new set} Standard English Conventions Review/Wrap-up Thesis Statement Assignments and Review/AICE– Highlighting and Explanation of handout on how to write literary analysis

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY (10/31) AICE and Honors:  /Pair activities- applying knowledge about effective thesis statements/AICE CLASS: Written Test on Chapters 14-19 of A Tale of Two Cities [make-up is Thursday, 11/7, After School]

MONDAY/TUESDAY (10/29) AICE and Honors: Word Part of the Week-“anthrop-” /Term to Know- hyperbole/Warm-up #4 Parallel Structure- ALL Warm-ups Due/Completed Notes on Thesis Statements/ Began pair activities- applying knowledge about effective thesis statements      Honors Class– Test Chapters 7-13 of A Tale of Two Cities

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY(10/24) AICE and Honors: Literary Analysis Paragraph about  scene from “Leiningen Versus the Ants”  [ALL students absent from class must make up this important writing assignment.  See me! ]

MONDAY/TUESDAY(10/22)AICE and Honors: Warm-up #3 Standard English Conventions/Word Part of the Week: “anthrop”/Assigned Vocabulary Exercises check/Vocabulary Test Unit 4 [Make-up is this Thursday afternoon, after school. Words from units 3 and 4 will be on test.] Line by line, in-depth reading of chapter in A Tale of Two Cities, continued.

THURSDAY/FRIDAY(10/18)AICE and Honors: Line by line, in-depth reading of chapter in A Tale of Two Cities. AICE-Test Book II, Chapters 7-13 of ATTC/Honors -Test Book II, Chapters 1-6 ATTC  [Make-up for Both will be Tuesday, 11/5, After School]

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY(10/16) AICE and Honors: Warm-up #2 Standard English Conventions/Word Parts of the Week “man-“,”nom-“/Term to Know- Mood/ Completed Critical Reading Assignment for Leiningen Versus the Ants” [This is the final assignment for 1st quarter.]

FRIDAY/MONDAY(10/14) AICE and Honors: Continuation of Critical Reading of “Leiningen Versus the Ants”

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY(10/10) AICE and Honors: Critical Reading of “Leiningen Versus the Ants”/Reading Comprehension and Analysis Questions to respond to throughout reading of story (In-class Assignment)

MONDAY/TUESDAY(10/8) AICE– In-Class- Discursive Essay [make-up will be Tuesday, 10/15, after school] HONORS- Vocabulary Unit 3 Book Check and Test, Notes on Thesis Statements/Practice with revising thesis statements/ Honors 6th- Test on Book the First of ATTC as well.  AICE/HONORS: Final and Original Drafts of Expository Essay Due (Peer Evaluation sheet must be attached or no credit 🙁 

THURSDAY/FRIDAY(10/4) AICE and Honors: Warm-up #1 Standard English Conventions and Vocabulary Development, Notes on Thesis Statements/Thesis Statement Practice/ Completed Peer Evaluations of Expository Essays-Original and Final Drafts of Essays due next class if student opted to rewrite/  AICE -Vocabulary Test Unit 3 and Book Check/Honors- Test on Book the First of ATTC       Original Draft of Expository Essay with Peer Evaluation Sheet and Final Draft stapled on top due next class!

FRIDAY/MONDAY(9/30) AICE and Honors: Warm-up #3 Standard English Conventions +Vocabulary Development/AICE- group assignment – analyses of different aspects of  Ch. 5- “The Jackal”/Reading Review Check Test of ch. 1-12 of ATTC [deadline to make-up- Wednesday, 10/2/  Honors- Introduction to A Tale of Two Cities + Notes taken/ Vocabulary Unit 3 Article Activity begun/

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY(9/26) AICE and Honors: Term to Know-Situational Irony/Word Part of the Week- “eu-“/AICE-Vocabulary Unit 3 Article Analysis In-Class Group Activity/Honors- Welcoming new students/disseminating materials/Introducing A Tale of Two Cities/ 7th Period Honors Current Students– continue reading/reviewing A Tale of Two Cities – Study Unit 3/complete exercises/prepare for test on unit/New Honors students need to purchase vocabulary book ($10.00) by Friday, 10/4/signed acknowledgment slips due Monday!

 MONDAY/TUESDAY(9/24) Term to Know-Archetype/Notes on information read in select passages from How to Read Literature Like a Professor/Careful reading of Chapter 5, Book II, “The Jackal” ATTC



TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY(10/2) AICE and Honors:Warm-up #4 Rhetorical Writing Strategy- Anadiplosis/All Warm-up Due!/FCAT Writing Rubric and Expectations/Review of Sample Essays/ Peer Evaluations of Expository Essays/PSAT Booklets distributed to all students/ Honors Class: Wrap up of Vocabulary Unit 3 Article Analysis Activity

THURSDAY/FRIDAY(9/20) AICE: Warm-up #2 Standard English conventions and vocabulary development/Review of  previous assignments, sample writing, sample test reponse/TESTATTC  Book II Chapters 1-6 [make-up test will be Thursday, 9/26, after school]  Honors Class : Warm-up #2 Standard English conventions and vocabulary development  /Read/discussed short story “Love”/   TESTATTC  Book II Chapters 1-6/ Honors Class Homework: Paragraph: “How foreshadowing clues develop theme in “The Pedestrian” DUE Tuesday!

[NOTICE: site is just too unreliable; We will have to abandon trying using it. Those of you who have already completed the ‘words often confused’ assignment will receive some extra pts. added to a homework assignment if I can ever get back in the program to print your results:(

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY(9/18) Word Part of the Week- “cogni-” / Term to Know- Dramatic Irony/District Timed-Writing #2/Vocabulary Test Unit 2/Exercises in book due! [Any student who missed the vocabulary test on unit 1 or unit 2 must come after school, Tuesday, 9/24, to take the make-up test which will have words from both units.]

 FRIDAY/MONDAY(9/16) “The Pedestrian” Writing assignment- How literary devices develop theme (completed in class)/ home learning assignment needed to complete writing assignment- both turned in/Read background-building article for AICE General Paper/completed analysis questions on article/Very important writing handout- see me!/  Honors Class: “The Pedestrian”  Home learning assignment due!!/District Timed-Writing 1
WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY(9/12) School pictures/Word Part of the Week: “avi”/Term to know: verbal irony/Required District Timed Writing/2 new home learning assignments: personification in ch. 1-6, Book II ATTC/ “The Pedestrian” short story assignment which is due next class.  Check on calendar tap, and click on assignment title for all info.  Honors Class: Vocabulary Unit 1 Test (book and illustrations due!)/ATTC Book I Test (Same as above, except for timed writing which will be Monday.)

  MONDAY/TUESDAY(9/10) Warm-up#1 (new set)/Terms to Know: personification, theme/ Finished reading/discussing short story “Love”/Began group assignment analyzing literary devices in story/Test on Book I of A Tale of Two Cities [make-up test will be Wednesday, 9/18 AFTER school!]   HONORS CLASS: Warm-ups 4 and 1/Terms to Know: personification, theme/ Test-  The Secret Life of Bees/ Bulletin Board Vocabulary Bonus Quiz/A/B day AICE Classes will take bonus quiz in class  Thursday and Friday. (No make-ups for missed bonus quizzes!)

THURSDAY/FRIDAY(9/6) Warm-up #4 Parallel Structure Definition/Examples- All Warm-ups due!/Terms To Know: metaphor, simile, symbol, foreshadowing, tone/Short Story- “Love”  began reading/discussing/Vocabulary Test Unit 1/Book and Vocab. Illustration Assignment due.  HONORS CLASS: CGA Testing Session 2  and Terms to Know listed above.

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY(9/4) Warm-up #3 Standard English Conventions review/M6ET Paragraph Comparing and Contrasting a right to a privilege, in-class writing assignment (5th period is finishing for homework, due Friday/Summer Reading Test II- The Once and Future King [MAKE-UP WILL BE TUESDAY, 9/10, AFTER SCHOOL]     HONORS CLASS: CGA Testing Session 1/Warm-up #3 (Continue reviewing The Secret Life of Bees)

THURSDAY/FRIDAY(8/30) Warm-up #2 Standard English Conventions review and vocabulary development/preparation for upcoming writing assignment/worked in pairs to generate support examples for writing piece/ AICE class only: discussed “Hot Summer topics” assignment which was due!  Home Learning: AICE- thoroughly review Books III and IV of TOAFK (study guide questions as well; quotes on test are selected based on those questions!)  Honors Class: thoroughly review The Secret Life of Bees

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY(8/28)  Warm-up #1 Standard English Conventions review and vocabulary development/Term to Know- Juxtaposition/ assignment given/Study guide (responses due to Sept. 8) and character list for A Tale of Two Cities assignedThemes sheet/Summer Reading Written Test 1- Make-up is Tuesday, 9/3, after school.

FRIDAY/MONDAY(8/26) More info. about class and ATTC/  District Timed-Writing Essay 1 In-class  [DEADLINE TO MAKE-UP IS TUESDAY, 9/3, AFTER SCHOOL.]

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY (8/22) Wrap-up dissemination and explanation of class information/ collecting acknowledgement forms/Checked out A Tale of Two Cities/ Introduction to book and explanation of first chapter.   AICE Classes- AICE General Paper prep. Assignment for Home Learning:)

MONDAY/TUESDAY (8/20)   Summer Reading Check Quiz / Class Syllabus and Grade Recovery Policy for Literature tests and writing distributed in classes where time permitted.  Home Learning:  AICE- Thoroughly review Books I and II of TOAFK as well as questions for those chapters (see Class Files)  Honors Class- Thoroughly review A Raisin in the Sun.  Click on Calendar Tab for date of Written Test scheduled for next week.  Due next class following review with parent– completed acknowledgement forms for syllabus and grade recovery policy.   Bring $10.00 for vocabulary book purchase.